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PT. Rokan Mega Fortuna

PT. Rokan Mega Fortuna is a manufacturer and sole agent as well as distributor from several food and beverage companies for snack, biscuit, cream, wafer stick, cake, coffee, and juice powder. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality at a competitive price. Due to the different behavior of consumption in different countries, we can adapt our products to meet the taste and culture at the certain market.  We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the priority and strive to maintain the trust and give beyond the expectation of our customers.   

We also actively engage in trading CPO and its derivative products. In 2010, we  entered the palm oil business by acquiring 500 hectares of palm plantation. Located at the heart of palm oil mill in Riau province, Indonesia, we have supplied the palm kernel to both state enterprise and private palm oil mill. We also collaborate with the local authority to sell their products locally and abroad. All the crude palm oil and its derivatives from us are fully supported technically by the state department of agricultures.  

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